Trailer Short Film

Max, a 17-year-old teenager, tries to get evidence to convince his mother that his new partner is not who he says he is. Along with his two best friends, they form a group of inseparable friends willing to do anything to help their friend and keep him away from his mother. A series of decisions that will lead them to a life or death situation.

  • Mama


Production Company: Bungalow

Direction: Ibon Landa

Cast: Mario Alcoz, Jordi Castarlenas, Leire Ruiz, Aitor Buzunariz, María Boix, Candido Uranga, Txori García, Iker Gallo, Valentina Redin, Saioa Roldán, Naia Barragán, David Undiano, Amaia Lizoain, Irene Arbizu
Script: Ibon Landa
Production: Miguel Aguirre, Ibon Landa, Mireia Julià Carbonell, Marco Petrucci, Ignasi Font
Cinematography: Maite Astiz

Art: Irene Chandia
Editing: Natxo Leuza
Sound: Ruben García Mesa
Music: Bernardo Castro